• Where Will Marquis Hines Coach Next?

    by Troy Sparks

    If you haven't already read by now that Marquis Hines resigned from his head coaching job at Homestead, then you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere.

    I wondered why Hines gave up his spot as the boys varsity basketball coach of the Highlanders. He was just warming up. Homestead was the only team to lose to Division 1 state champions and North Shore Conference rivals Germantown by single digits in their last regular season game. He was 31-15 as coach for the Highlanders.

    According to Thursday's Journal-Sentinel, he stated that he "had a great two years, but I teach in MPS and just want to move in another direction. I don't think it's a good fit for me."

    This is what I think: Some of the parents wouldn't embrace an outsider from Milwaukee coming to Mequon with a high-energy offense and pressing defense on a team that didn't know what winning conference basketball tasted like.

    I heard through a player on the Vincent basketball team that John Allen is on his way out as the boys head coach for the Vikings, but rumors are rumors and no official announcement at the school has been made. The player also heard around the halls at Vincent that Hines might be eyeing the Vincent job if or when it becomes open.

    I believe Hines wanted the Vincent boys job when Tom Diener stepped down. Allen, who's also the athletic director at the school, took the job for himself. It was obvious that Hines wasnt getting the boys job and wanted a different challenge after leading the Lady Vikings to four state title appearances and three state championships in a row.

    So if that's the direction Hines might be going, then we will find out sooner or later which way the coaching carousel will turn. If Hines gets the Vincent boys job, will some of the players stay on or jump ship? Whoever takes over, assuming that Allen is no longer the coach, must do everything possible to keep Deonte Burton there for his senior year.