• Slocum says Milwaukee is "Best in the League"

    In his weekly press conference reviewing the past week’s games and looking ahead to upcoming match-ups, Youngstown State head coach Jerry Slocum called the Milwaukee Panthers “Probably the best team in the League.”

    Slocum mentioned that the Friday/Sunday set-up was something that he wasn’t too fond of – we can all agree on that – but he did make some time to talk about the Panthers.

    “They’ve got great balance,” the YSU coach said of Milwaukee. ”They’ve got a great point guard, guys that shoot the three, two really good kids that play really well in the post.”

    Slocum added that Milwaukee has a propensity for making the big shot. ”They’ve had some really close games, they’re really close to having three losses in the League,” Slocum said.

    “They’re very close to being right where we are, and everybody else in the League,” the coach told reporters.

    What makes Milwaukee different in Slocum’s eyes, however, is the confidence. “They really have a confidence about who they are,” as Slocum was talking about the Panthers’ big shot ability.

    There’s a funny part around the six-minute mark when a reporter asks Slocum about having the game on ESPN3.com, and Slocum goes on to talk about how it’s good exposure for the program and the players enjoy it. Perhaps if it were ESPNU, coach, but I’m not sure we both see the benefit of being on ESPN3 – it’s not like you’re drawing a real national audience.

    It was mentioned at the end of the video that Youngstown State started classes this week and Slocum made a funny joke. ”I’m sure they’re loving it. It’s been great for me. We practice, watch film, weight lift, shoot, more film. I’m sure as a group they’re sitting around and saying ‘man, let’s go study.’”

    The Penguins host Milwaukee on Friday at 6 p.m. central time at the Beeghly Center in Youngstown, Ohio. The game is on ESPN3, and get this – Greg Rakestraw and Jimmy Collins are the commentators. This should be interesting.

    Slocum’s full press conference is here.
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    1. Mark Miller's Avatar
      Mark Miller -
      I think Cleveland State is the best team, based strictly on watching the top 5 or 6 teams at least once.