View Full Version : Marquette and Buzz getting a lot of write ups

03-20-2012, 05:41 AM
For those who complain about the money being spent on the basketball program and the coaches take this into account. Marquette University could not buy the publicity back to back Sweet 16 runs have generated. Some academics might take umbrage over the players and Buzz getting so much attention but national surveys have shown what successful sports programs can do to help boost enrollments and generate donations. Donations that help the entire university. FYI, for my entire life I've either worked in higher education or covered universities as a journalist. I've never seen an administrator, prof or coach work as hard as Buzz Williams.

I haven't seen this story linked. It's an example of yet another high profile piece from the NYC media. (an important area for potential Marquette students)


I've said it before -- Buzz is a combination of Al McGuire and Abe Lemons. (former OKC University, Pan American and Texas coach)

Lets enjoy the ride and say thanks.