View Full Version : WFB Dominican Game

03-10-2012, 03:16 PM
Just got back from the Dominican "game" against Howards Grove. I use the word game very loosely as Dominican probably has better practices. Diamond Stone seems to be progressing nicely. Continues to show a wide variety of offensive moves/skills. Very solid from the free throw line. Needs to continue to improve his focus on the court but has certainly gotten better since earlier in the season. Duane Wilson--- looked solid as well. Nice looking 3 point shot. Strong when driving to the hole. Good defensive fundamentals, including rebounding. That said, I'm still not convinced he is a true point guard. Doesn't really direct his team. Many questionable decisions while handling the ball. Doesn't seem to have the greatest court vision. A really solid prospect, but still think his best position might be the 2. And if his best position IS the 2, I'd prefer Nunn.