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03-09-2012, 09:03 AM
Consider this IWB inspired.

There has been an ongoing battle between University Advancement and the Blue & Gold Fund over BET tickets. UA wants to reward NYC big dollar donors while BGF wants to reward athletic departmnpent donors and season ticket holders. Based on last night, UA won. The best seats were held by locals who could not be bothered to wear MU gear. Apparently they are too cool for that. And God forbid you join other MU fans. My tickets were in the corner, near the top of the lower bowl. They were purchased by someone who normally goes and is about 90th percentile of points who also sits right behind the MU bench at the BC. Someone like that should be getting much, much better seats. Heard from various people who are NOT happy to see MU apparently ignoring loyal donors in favor of NYC donors.

Karl Hess backs out of the ACC tournament and goes to the Big East and promptly screws us. Officiating was awful last night (not the reason we lost). As Gato pointed out, on after Deing was called for the technical, we could not buy a call. Fans of other schools were commenting on it.

Enjoy Grensboro and Kansas City. Your 30 pieces of silver will certainly go farther there.

Did not see our new AD there. Did talk with some people about LW's comments in the JS article. People are very, very concerned over the tone. Either there is something going on behind the scenes or LW seriously misspoke.

Louisville fans remain jackholes. Nuff said.

03-09-2012, 09:26 AM
Any renditions of Country Roads escort the West Virginia "fans" out of MSG?