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03-01-2012, 02:41 PM
Steve Taylor and Simeon are holding at #4 in the nation according to NorthStar Basketball (http://blog.northstarbball.com/2012/03/01/national-high-school-top-25--3112.aspx)

Rank. School (State), Last Poll
1. Oak Hill Academy (VA), 1
2. St. Anthony's (NJ), 2
3. Findlay Prep (NV), 3
4. Simeon (IL), 4
5. Huntington Prep (WV), 5
6. Grace Prep (TX), 8
7. Marcus (TX), 9
8. Paul VI (VA), 14
9. Chester (PA), 10
10. La Lumiere (IN), 12
11. St. Benedict's (NJ), 13
12. Milton (GA), 11
13. Mater Dei (CA), 15
14. Prestonwood Christian (TX), 17
15. Bishop Gorman (NV), 18
16. Olympic (NC), 6
17. Ridgeway (TN), 16
18. Montverde Academy (FL), 20
19. Union (OK), 23
20. Blanche Ely (FL), 24
21. Southwind (TN), 21
22. Scotlandville (LA), HM
23. Travis (TX), HM
24. Montrose Christian (MD), HM
25. Westbury Christian (TX), HM

Honorable Mentions: DeMatha (MD), Eastview (MN), Pershing (MI), Sexton (MI), Trinity Christian (TX)

New to Poll: Montrose Christian (MD), Scotlandville (LA), Travis (TX), Westbury Christian (TX)

Out of Poll: DeMatha (MD), Pershing (MI), Trinity Christian (TX), Wichita Heights (KS)

03-02-2012, 11:02 AM
Was Steve Taylor ever under consideration for the McDonalds AA game or was his rank going into his senior year not high enough? They were hawking the game on the Score this morning so I was just wondering.

03-02-2012, 11:35 AM
I was asked to be involved in the event when it was in Milwaukee. In my opinion, very poorly run. They asked to meet with me. For two hours they asked me questions about this, that, how to do this, how to do that. I gave them two hours worth of info. They called me after that and asked me to be on one of the four committees they had. I agreed. Prior to the first committee meeting, the head of my committee called me and asked me how things should be approached, presented, and ran a few more ideas past me. Again, I spewed more info and ideas than ever before.

Our committee meeting was cancelled because the chairman had a conflict, and I never heard anything again. I called the director and asked why, and he said that our committee head agreed to take over another committee and consolidate the two committees. Yep, I was twice used and abused for info. I have a life long history of that.

Anyway, as far as Taylor goes - that is where they are truly clueless. The first guy I met with actually pulled out a top 100 list to ask me opinions. It wasn't Scout or Rivals, it was maybe Clark Francis or Bob Gibbons? Someone like that. He asked me who should be in it. There wasn't a ton of talent from Wisconsin that year except for Korie Lucious, so I was suggesting guys from Chicago, Minneapolis - people that might bring a crowd. He looked at the list and said, "No, they aren't high enough". (I know one was like #36). Looked for Lucious and said he wasn't high enough. Then they put a committee together to select the team. They wouldn't tell me who was on it, but the head coach from DeMatha was the head of it. I do know there were college coaches lobbying all over the place to get kids on the team, despite the fact that the panel "was a secret". It was nuts.

I'm obviously rambling, but basically, the marketing people are far too clueless to put a local kid in the game, and I'm sure Taylor wasn't high enough on someone's list to be acceptable. Also, the actual high school coaches that get involved always play to the big time coaches.

03-02-2012, 12:51 PM
I'm sure Bob Hurley was asked for his counsel. If I see that St. Anthony documentary on TV once more I'm going to throw up - they are still playing it.