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02-09-2012, 02:06 PM
More conference re-alignment fun. Good article here:


My speculating brainstorm (got some of this information via Outkick the Coverage a few weeks ago):

The ACC is the most vulnerable league at the moment. The SEC TV contract is huge and they'd like to penetrate even more states as their next targets (for TV sets). Would you believe, North Carolina and Virginia? Now , the U of North Carolina will not leave the ACC because of their relationship with Duke. However, NC State is a very possible target. As far as the state of Virginia is concerned, Virginia Tech is a more likely target than the U of Virginia. After these two schools leave for the SEC and further improve that league's TV contract the carosal does not stop. The Big Ten may look at adding both the University of Maryland and/or the U of Virgina or they could go another direction and choose two of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

After this round occurs the Big 12 will be scrambling and the Big East will once again be vulnerable as the ACC may go after UCONN and Rutgers while the Big 12 goes after Louisville and Cincy.

Its all about TV money. Its important that the Big East get a mega TV deal asap. for both football and basketball which will make it more attarctive for schools to stay. My crystal ball shows the Big East signing a deal with the new NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus) who are on the prowl for conference affiliations. The question - how soon can they get it done? IMO, we won't be in a stable place until that occurs.

02-09-2012, 02:56 PM
I understand the drive for the tv money, but at some point are the new teams adding enough to make existing members more money? Interesting about NC State and Va Tech as many thought NC State would be a better choice for the SEC than Missouri and NC State is tired of being under the wing of UNC and Duke.

Clemson and Florida State thinking Big 12? Funny, less than a year ago the Big 12 was folding, now they are talking about more Big East / ACC teams joining them. Talk about a fluid environment. The big dogs in the Big 12 like 10 teams, but who knows. I think the Big 12 loses money for its members by adding Louisville and Cincy, but if Texas and Oklahoma bolt for the Pac 12, that conference is once again up for grabs and they will need teams. They may consider adding BYU and Louisville just so they are still at 10 when Texas bolts.

I too hope the Big East gets a deal soon with NBC. The Big East teams improve football and bring big time markets. Memphis brings a huge corporate advertising sponsor and a bowl game with a possible Big East - SEC tie in. East Coast - West Coast teams bring live football programing that spans four time zones.

Big East hoops with Memphis added is still a top basketball conference and with the number of teams, can provide plenty of programing for NBC's cable sports outlet. The Big East tournament on NBC, brought to you by Fed Ex.

The Big East has hopefully made these moves with some kind of feedback from the TV folks.

02-09-2012, 03:39 PM
Do any of these University presidents understand this is about education? These people act like they are competing with Mark Cuban.

Mark Miller
02-09-2012, 05:54 PM
Marquette needs to stay aligned with football schools for as long as possible, or as long as it makes sense. Hopefully, that will include UConn, Cincy, Rutgers, Louisville, USF and the 4 newcomers UCF, Memphis, Houston and SMU for a long time. But that may be wishful thinking.

At the very least, Marquette can align with the 7 basketball-only schools currently in the Big East and add then Xavier, St. Louis/Charlotte, Dayton/Butler for a solid 10-team league.

02-10-2012, 09:34 AM
Agree Mark. You need to be with football schools in order to make college athletics really work as that is where the money is.
My guess is Buzz makes more than what each team in the A-10 gets for tv revenue for athletics. Hard to maintain top level athletics without being linked to football.

02-10-2012, 10:42 AM
Actually, according to the info I looked up yesterday, Buzz makes more than MU gets in TV revenue. MU & the Big East really need a new TV deal, still can't believe they turned down that $1.4 billion dollar ESPN deal.

Look at schools like ND - where do they partner long term? Not with the BB-only schools as they have all of the Olympic sports. Sure, football can always stay independent, but sticking with basketball only schools would leave their baseball, softball, fencing, hockey, both men's & women's swimming & diving and rowing teams high and dry.

Mark Miller
02-10-2012, 11:36 AM
The presence of Olympic sports is why I didn't include Notre Dame in a new league.

A new league would include Marquette, Villanova, Georgetown, St. John's, Seton Hall, Providence, DePaul ... and then add Xavier, St. Louis or Butler, Charlotte or Dayton. Pick the top 10 and play double round-robin.